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Hol Lee Homes is a family run business. We care about our houses & the families that make them homes.


“Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world to do great things and then welcome us back for refreshments”
- Melissa Michaels


Our team is a family owned company. We build to fit your personality and lifestyle, by taking your ideas and bringing them to life.

About Hol Lee Homes


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In 2018 we lost our home to fire. 


In 2019 our family had the pleasure of meeting the Hol Lee Homes family. The Hol Lee Homes crew were the best thing that happened to us, following the loss of our home.


Between 2019-2020 we had our home re-built.  Building a home is always an incredible journey, with both peeks & valleys, Never mind adding in a global pandemic, to make matters even spicier.


Perry & his crew made the whole experience very positive and as stress free to our family as possible. We of course encountered a few SNAFUS along our journey, but Perry was on the case with, alternate possibilities and clear explanations. Any matters that arose, action was always taken quickly to solve any of the issues that came our way. They worked hand in hand with the suppliers, as well as contacts we wished to use during our build.  


We always felt that Hol Lee Homes was very approachable, in all situations, and had our best interests at heart. We have nothing but positive, wonderful things to say about Hol Lee Homes.


Hard working, Impeccable workmanship, great attention to detail, close customer relations, vibrant & positive people to have had the pleasure of dealing with. 

If we EVER  need another home built, with out a doubt Hol Lee Homes will be our first call ! Our entire family couldn’t be happier, THANKS HOL LEE HOMES FOR EVERYTHING! 

- Adrienne & Darryl


Let us start by saying we would have Perry and his team do another project for us in a heartbeat! Now the background; we bought a 1930’s house in old Bowmanville. We added a garage, a 2 bedroom apartment above the garage with a large deck overlooking the tree tops in the back yard and gutted the original house to make another 2 bedroom apartment with a large deck overlooking the rear yard garden. The challenge to be met was melding the old with the new!

Perry and his team were very instrumental in coming up with solutions and suggestions to improve the design before building areas. Work would stop and a regroup occurred during any discovery items! They are incredibly knowledgeable, think outside of the box, have a full suite of tools and equipment, resources, subcontractors and their staff have a noticeable pride of workmanship! This was a big project with many challenges and they rose to the occasion over an approximate 12 month period to succeed and please their clients.This  was a start to finish project, from new build to demo to paint. We are extremely happy with the outcome and have received many compliments from family,  friends ,neighbours and passerby's !


We love our home and thank you Perry, Jaime, “G”, Zac, and Payton !
- Pauline & Gary


Where to begin.... the team of Hol Lee Homes literally rescued us from a terrible situation with an out of town contractor.  They tackled our project head on even after facing setback after setback due to the mess that was left behind.  They worked overtime as they knew we had a deadline when we had to move in.  While we started out as our own general contractor, Perry Jackman stepped up and helped us navigate through the process of lining the trades up and even brought in his trades when we could not secure our own. 


If ever there was a contractor that truly listened, that truly cared, and that went above and beyond to make your dreams a reality it is Hol Lee Homes.  We are so grateful for everything they did for us and so happy that we can continue to support them. 


We look forward to watching them grow to become one of the finest custom home builders in the Durham region.  

- Stuart & Shelley

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